Friday, July 5, 2013

Day 15 - First walking steps...

This was a great day!  I did some teaching for the first time in weeks.  My client came and picked me up and I spent a few hours at her ranch helping train a couple horses.  I did demo a few things, where I stood, but mostly I sat in a chair and instructed the owner.  At one point, I just needed to move a couple feet and took a few steps.  I actually surprised myself!!  I walked w/o crutches!!  Granted, I looked like a lame 90 year old woman, but still - I covered ground w/o my dreaded walking sticks.

Later, I managed to figure out how to set the seat on my bike so I could spin (with my toes barely touching pedals since I only have about 100 degrees of flexion).

Did lots of PT, getting 0 degrees extension.

Things are looking pretty good.

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