Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day 4 - Getting ambitious

I was instructed to not put more than 20% of my body weight on my knee for the first week, until my appt with the surgeon on day 8 post-op.  I had no desire to weight my knee so that was easy.  I was working more on leg lifts though, and flexing my knee more.  It lifted my spirits to see the range of motion slightly increased and the leg lifts coming easier to me.

In the afternoon, my husband agreed to take me for a drive.  I just needed some new scenery.  We loaded up our daughter and our dogs, thinking to take them to a dog park where I could watch from the car.  About 10 mins into the drive I had to admit that I wasn't going to make it very long.  The sitting position was hard on my knee and causing pain.  The car vibrating wasn't helping either, I'm sure.  But we got some fast food fries and frozen custard and it was heavenly!  I'd been focusing on eating well and not too much, hoping that I wouldn't have a lot of weight to lose during physical therapy.  The junk food was NICE!  :)

We parked in a quiet area near a bike trail and the dogs ran around for about 30 mins while I ate my frozen custard in the car and watched.  New scenery, my happy dogs, my husband and daughter walking together...  hugely uplifting.

I realized too, I'd been off Percocet for 1.5 days.  Percocet was part of my problem and getting off it was the right move.  I wasn't dizzy or nauseous and I had my appetite back.

I'd gotten a bigger, fancier DonJoy knee brace after surgery, with locking and guiding mechanisms at the knee joint.  I was starting to play with unlocking it more and moving my knee more.  Good stuff.  I still loved sitting in my bed hooked up to the ice machine, though.  What a great invention.

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