Friday, June 28, 2013

Day 9 - Progress!!

Good news from the doc today!  Stitches were removed and he examined my knee.  He was very happy with the stability, as well as my flexion ability.  I've been doing good work getting my knee moving.  He was impressed and said it was even better than he expected.

So, next phase.  I am now permitted to weight my knee 50%.  I will also be able to walk w/o crutches in 2 weeks!!  At that point he said to go for 100% weight as I build.  PT starts next week, too.

What a relief.  I was ecstatic leaving the doctors office.

I walked around much more that I had been, using crutches of course, and played with weighting it 50%.  Not really sure how to guage 50%, but I did my best.  Walked from the parking lot into the movie theater - about 400 yards and didn't have pain that night.  Optimistic!!

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